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Message from the Founder

I am Gambu Sherpa born in Khijiphalate Village Development Committee of Okhaldhunga, Nepal. I was born to my parents Sonam Gelze Sherpa (father) and Pasi Sherpa (mother).

I have continuously been involved in the field of music since age 18. As a lyricist, composer, and singer, I have published 10 solo albums 2 albums of collections. As a singer, I have recorded over 100 songs. I have been residing with my family in New York since last 13 years.

I addition to doing my regular work to maintain my family, I, as a musician, have been performing on various occasions, including cultural festivals, and concerts in various countries around the world. I have been contributing 100% of the earnings from performances to Food Clothes Education (FCE), a not-for-profit organization registered with the Government of Nepal. All funds given to FCE are used to ensure the well-being of the neediest children, including orphans.

In specific terms, all incomes from the shows/performances go to FCE, which covers the costs of clothing, food, shelter, and education of the children that has been supporting for a while. Although, I am not devoting full time as a professional musician, I continue to support the basic needs of those neediest children, including the orphans and others who are in dire need of our support.

The purpose of starting FCE is simply to support the orphans and any others who need the support in meeting their basic needs, including education in the rural areas of Nepal. By doing so, I along with the supporters, through FCE, hope to make sure that those children have a brighter and hopeful future.

Since 1998, over a million Nepali Rupees have been raised and support from well-wishers continues to grow. And the number of children who desperately need our organizational support also continues to grow.

There is organizational requirement that anyone who sits on the Board of Trustees will have to contribute NRs. 100,000; NRs. 50000 for life membership and there is no fee for joining the organization as a general member. We maintain proper records of all contributors and supporter, including their personal information so that we will be clear on each one’s support and extent of their involvements. We continue to make the records of all income and expenditures available on organization’s website.

The FCE has a number of great people who continue to support it in various capacities and they reside in a number of countries: I am the founding member of FCE and live with my family in New York. Krishna Sunuwar (IT specialist), Thile Sherpa (Social activist), Sherpini Kanchhi (Israel), Ang Dendi Sherpa (South Korea), Da Nuri Sherpa and Dawa Sherpa Yalmo (NewYork) are also the important members of the core team of FCE.

Finally, I invite you to join us in our efforts to support the neediest children living in remote districts of Nepal. Your small support can ensure the brighter future of these children, who otherwise will have no life under difficult conditions they are brought in. I request you to join hands with us for a noble cause!

Gambu Sherpa, Founder
Food Clothes Education

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